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Gorgeous Wedding

Happy MicheleLast weekend my niece Michele got married in Mosier, Oregon. For those of you who don’t know where Mosier is, it is in the Columbia Gorge between Hood River and The Dalles. The Columbia Gorge, also known around here just as the “Gorge”, where the Columbia River cuts through the Cascade Mountains on its way to the Pacific Ocean. It’s a special place, best known for windsurfing and waterfalls. Despite a 100 degree F (38 degrees C) day, it was a “gorgeous” wedding.

It was a quick trip for us, down on Saturday, back on Sunday, and I didn’t get my camera out very much. But here’s a few shots from the trip, nothing too special.  One is from the wedding reception of my niece dancing with her new husband, one is of a cloudless sunset over the Gorge, and one is of Mount Adams that I took on the way home (driving US Forest Service roads instead of the highway). Enjoy.

Gorge Sunset

Mount Adams

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