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Photo Talk Radio NW Interview

It’s been a busy week, but without a doubt, the highlight was being the featured guest on Photo Talk Radio Northwest. My interview will air today, May 4th, between 4 and 5 pm local time (that’s Pacific Daylight Savings Time for my friends not in this time zone). If you are local, you can listen live to the show on the air at KKNW 1150am at that time or by clicking the ‘listen online’ link from the KKNW 1150am website at .

It was fun spending and hour in the studio talking photography with Bruce Hudson, the founder of the show; his son Josh; their Photoshop expert (or as they call her, the Photoshop Goddess), Amy McGann; and the show’s producer, Carla Conrad. I was surprised they contacted me for an interview, but they told me their show was for the photo enthusiast, and liked having guests that were not necessarily full-time professionals. Apparently, they came across my blog, and liked what the saw enough to get in touch.

I’ll let you tune in to hear what we talked about, but if you miss it, I’ll be posting a recording of the interview later.

You may ask yourself why I’m showing am illustrating this post with garden photos. Good question. The interview was between 3 and 4 pm last Thursday. By the time I left the building, it was after 4:30 pm. The studio is in Bellevue, and leaving Bellevue for Tacoma at that time is a recipe for a 2-hour commute. So instead of running straight home, I went up the Bellevue Botanical Garden to take a few shots. The rhododendron and Japanese gardens are in their prime right now, so it was a good time to go.

As for the rest of the week, last Saturday I attended the Airbnb Experience Summit in Seattle – shooting the event for Airbnb in the morning and attending as a host in the afternoon. It was fun meeting and shooting the Airbnb staff and other experience hosts from the local area. Sunday I hosted a guest on my Seattle Airbnb experience, and yesterday I hosted a couple on a private workshop in Seattle.

Enjoy the shots of the Bellevue Botanical Garden and be sure to tune in this afternoon for Photo Talk Radio Northwest!

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