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Photography at the Beach

Low Tide, Beach #4

Clouds over ShuksanThe 44th Annual Ocean Shores Juried Art Show starts tomorrow. I have five images accepted into the show in the Photography Division – those posted here. Regular readers of my blog may recall the five images as I believe I’ve posted all of them before.

The show is open Friday, April 19th from noon to 5 pm; Saturday, April 20th from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday, April 21st from 10 am to 3 pm. In addition to photography there are fine arts (paintings mostly) and electronic arts divisions. If you are in the area, it’s worth stopping in to see some great art. I’ll be there Sunday afternoon to see the show and pick up my work. Hope to see you there.

Blue Door and Window

Alhambra Evening

Low Tide, Beach #4

City Geometry Lesson

On the Beach

Shore birds in flightOn April 15th and 22nd I traveled to Ocean Shores. Ocean Shores is a small beach town along the central Washington coast. It has the closest Pacific Ocean beach to the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. The purpose of my trip was to drop off, then pick up, several images I had in the Ocean Shores photography show. Though I usually enter this show every year, for the first time this year, the show was juried. I was proud to have four images accepted. My black and white skunk cabbage image (previously featured in this post) won an award of merit.

One can’t go to Ocean Shores the town without visiting Ocean Shores the beach. Truth be told, it’s not my favorite beach. I prefer vehicle-free beaches bordered by rocky headlands, with crashing waves and critter-filled tidepools. The beach at Ocean Shores is a broad, wide swath of sand backed by small dunes partly covered with sharp grasses. Plus, as far as Washington beaches go, it is fairly crowded with people, cars, mopeds, and horses. But it is a beach, after all, and cannot be passed up!

My first trip there last month, Carson was my companion. Carson and I walked on the beach for an hour or so, as I tried to get some shore birds shots. Getting close enough for a decent shot was tough, even using my 70-200mm zoom with 1.4x teleconverter. There is no place to hide as you approach the birds, and being trailed by a black dog the size of a small bear doesn’t help. Carson eventually got tired of following me around and just sat down. And the birds eventually got use to Carson and I and allowed me to get close enough for a few shots. They even started moving in around Carson, which I though funny since they kept flying off if he got remotely close before.

On the second trip, Tanya accompanied Carson and I. There were less shore birds about, but it was mostly sunny and the sky held some interesting clouds. I took out the camera, but only ended up taking a few images (including the sunny one below). Instead, the three of us just walked by the ocean, enjoying a nice spring day at the beach.

I hope you enjoy these images from the beach.

Carson and birds

Carson takes a rest, and the birds move in behind him.

More birds

I like the big birds, but have no idea what kind the are. For that matter, I don't know what the small ones are either. Anyone out there know?

Sunny Ocean Shores

Sun and clouds at Ocean Shores

Raining Ribbons

Snow on Gig Harbor

"Snow on Gig Harbor" 1st Place, Seascape/Maritime Category

The wind was so strong, the rain was falling sideways yesterday at Ocean Shores. As you might imagine, the beach was fairly empty, except for hundreds of seagulls, all standing at attention facing into the wind.

Carson, our Newfoundland, thought it was great out in that rain and wind. On the other hand, while Tanya and I both thought it fun to see these conditions at the beach, we spent little time outside the car – it was more fun looking at the surf through the car windows. And with blowing sand accompanying the sideways rain, I thought it best to leave the camera inside the car too, so no photos of the beach today.

Which is fine, because we weren’t at Ocean Shores do photography, but to pick up my entries in the 33rd Annual Ocean Shores Photography Show, which ran Friday through Sunday. I had eight entries in the Professional Photographer division. Of the eight, six won ribbons – both 1st and 2nd place in Seascape/Maritime category, 1st place in the Architecture category, 2nd place in the Miscellaneous category, 3rd place in the Flora category, and an Honorable Mention in the Landscape category. I guess you can say it was raining ribbons!

Neil's Grave

"Neil's Grave" 2nd Place, Miscellaneous Category

Dahlia #2

"Dahlia #2" 3rd Place, Flora Category

Night at the Glass Museum

"Night at the Glass Museum" 1st Place, Architecture Category

McWay Falls

"McWay Falls" 2nd Place, Seascape/Maritime Category

Approaching Storm

"Approaching Storm" Honorable Mention, Landscape Category