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Check out the May 2017 issue of Shutterbug magazine. I am one of six photographers featured in the Business Trends column by Maria Piscopo, titled “Have Camera, Will Travel, How to Turn Your Love for Travel Photography into Business.” I’m not sure where Maria heard about me, or how I qualified as I only do professional photography part time. But I’m glad she did choose me for the article. It was fun being interviewed and being published in a photography magazine.

For the article, Maria interviewed me (and the other five photographers), asking several questions including “What skills or areas of expertise do you think a photographer in this field has to develop for a successful business?” and “How do you market your photography services? What works best for you and what changes did you make for 2017?” The magazine asked me to send in several of my favorite travel shots, and the one above (from John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon) is the one they picked to publish in the magazine.

The article is not yet available on line, and presently is only available in the print magazine on page 50.